We are writing a new story day by day

We are missionaries of love

Our beloved son Nauê was born in 2015 with a very rare genetic condition named IFAP (Ichthyosis Follicularis, Alopecia, and Photophobia). This launched us on a challenging journey which requires perseverance, endurance, and faith. Every day requires us to live a supernatural mission marked by love. The journey has forged us, strengthened us and made us grow emotionally and spiritually. We are more than conquerors because every tear becomes a drop of faith and hope.

We know that living in love is not always easy, but we have been connecting with our essence through perception and sensitivity. Love brings moments that make us re-signify concepts and values. For this reason, we are grateful for our daily learning. Gratitude has strengthened us as family and human beings. We embrace and respect the imperfection of life in order to discover our essence. Among billions of inhabitants on the Earth, we are like a grain of sand. However, we have found our place of power in the world, which allows us to have a strong mindset.

There is no fear in love. This makes us free like the wind. There are no longer barriers or borders that limit us from living our purpose. We are builders of living memories, full of victories and challenges that make our journey unique. By sharing our purpose and life, we wish to impact hearts and motivate those who face daily challenges like us.

We believe in these values and taught them every day to Nauê


Strength is the power that moves us and makes it possible to transform the state of restriction and overcome adversity.


We are warriors for our ancestral nature and by the ongoing mission to perpetuate a legacy.


Our essence is pure royalty. We have a destiny inspired by the goodness in the creator’s genesis.


In each challenge, resilience is testified to prevailing on the unthinkable and resisting the improbable.


Shining a light on nature, igniting and evolving, transforming and perfecting ourselves.


Love always wins, always inspires, and transcends. It unites us in a perpetual covenant and eternal bonds.

We learn to be reborn every day. This helps us to re-signify our values with gratitude and resilience, and align our perspectives in a simple way.

It is wonderful to receive all this love and help from our friends, family, and the community that have been supporting us with Nauê. Together, we unite ourselves and strengthen each other in actions and thoughts. We want to impact your life in a positive way, and seed a message that will generate impact, transformation and empowerment.

We believe in the power of words and in the impact they can produce in our lives. See below the main concepts, teachings, and declarations that represent our Nauê. Our goal is to stamp messages on clothing. Thus, you can take us with you on your journey. With this dream in mind, we created the Nauê brand, which emerged from reframing our own limits.

Love unites us

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